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Hello World

A little bit about me and my blog

Hi! I'm Will, and I'll be writing about topics in software development that I find exciting. When I'm not coding at work, I enjoy tinkering with new tech, whether it's cutting-edge or just new to me. I want to share what I learn with the community that I have learned so much from, and I hope this blog helps someone along their journey.

How I got here, in a nutshell

Last year, I changed careers to software development. I previously worked in product management within the tech industry, designing new features for software products before handing them over to the development team to be built. I have always loved problem-solving, and I decided that I wanted to build the features myself. By this point in my career, I had dabbled with small coding projects and had definitely caught "the itch". However, with the pandemic and other life events going on, I couldn’t take the leap to pursue a career where I could code full-time.

After several years of pondering the decision and waiting for the stars to align, I quit my job so that I could gain the necessary skills at Carolina Code School, a full-time web development bootcamp. I am now a software engineer at SIOS Technology Corp., where I get to develop high availability and disaster recovery solutions for cloud systems. Sounds crazy when I think about where I was just last year!

What to expect

Since becoming employed, I have had more time to explore the wide world of web development (pun intended). People ask if I prefer frontend or backend development as if it's a binary decision, but I can't pick just between those as there are so many interesting topics out there. I am currently interested in frontend frameworks, full stack development, UX, AI, machine learning, and cloud computing to name a few.

The field is expanding faster than any one person can keep up with, which makes it exciting to be a part of. My goal with this blog is to share what I build, the problems I solve, and the lessons I learn in my software development career.


Thank you!

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